What is ENS?

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a naming protocol that empowers users to translate complex Web3 identifiers such as crypto wallet addresses, hashes, and metadata into human-readable domain names. With an ENS domain you are able to connect all your crypto wallets under one single ENS domain and receive cryptocurrencies or NFTs. The Ethereum Blockchain is used to store ENS records therefore they are transparent and decentralized.

ENS Explained

With ENS, you can create or buy a “nickname” such as furyan.eth and link it to your public Ethereum wallet address. Instead of sharing the complex 40 character length of your crypto wallet address you can now share your ENS domain each time you want to receive a payment or NFTs. By sharing your ENS address you can say goodbye to worrying about typos!
After you complete the process of registering an ENS name and successfully setting the wallet address you are now ready to send funds to your ENS name instead of the traditional long form wallet address.
ENS domains are built on top of the ERC-721 standard enabling them to act as NFTs that are tradeable across marketplaces like ENS.Vision. ENS also empowers Web3 to enable SIWE (sign-in with Ethereum) that allows ENS to act as an all-in-one web3 identity facilitating your username, wallet address, email address, website, and more!


Because ENS is hierarchical, anybody who controls an ENS domain may create subdomains as desired under the primary ENS, either for themselves or for others. For example, if Sadaf owns "sadaf.eth," she may establish and customize "pay.sadaf.eth" as she pleases.
Itching to learn more about the fundamentals? Check out the official ENS documentation here!