Bulk Renew ENS

Before proceeding with the Bulk Renewal tool, ensure you have read the renewal FAQ here;
  • Bulk Renewals can be done by anyone on any profile.
  • There are no fees from ENS Vision for bulk renewals.
  • There is only one Ethereum gas fee to process the transaction using the bulk renew tool saving the user time and money.

Bulk Renewals

A video tutorial on how to use the bulk renew tool can be found here.
  1. 1.
    Navigate to any Profile you wish to bulk renew and click the Collection tab. Here you will find the Bulk Renew button. Click the bulk renew button to bring open the bulk renew drawer. There are no fees from ENS Vision for bulk renewals.
2. With the bulk renewal tool open select the desired ENS names you wish to renew. There is no maximum limit to the amount of names you may renew with the bulk renew tool. Once you are ready, click Bulk Renew to continue.
3. The Bulk Renew drawer will open; here you are able to see the ENS names that will be renewed. Both the old expiry date and the new expiry date will be displayed allowing you to plan ahead.
4. Set the desired duration you wish to bulk renew your names for with the Add Duration or Sync Expiration buttons. If all the details are correct navigate to the click the Renew button to begin the renewal.
5. Your wallet should prompt to ask you to confirm the signature for the renewal of the ENS names after clicking the Renew button.
6. After you sign the signature the pop-up window should close and your bulk renewal will have been succeeded once processed on the Ethereum Blockchain!