Bulk Transfer ENS

Bulk Transfers

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    Navigate to your Profile and click the Collection tab. Here you will find the Bulk Transfer button. Click the bulk transfer button to bring open the bulk transfer drawer. There are no fees from ENS Vision for bulk transfers.
2. With the bulk transfer tool open select the desired ENS names you wish to transfer. There is no maximum limit to the amount of names you may transfer with the bulk transfer tool. Once you are ready, click Bulk Transfer to continue.
3. The Bulk Transfer drawer will open; here you are able to see the ENS names that will be transferred. Set the desired Ethereum wallet you wish to bulk transfer to in the Transfer To field. Here you may enter ETH wallet addresses or ENS names. Always verify the address displayed is correct and the one you wish to transfer to.
4. After you have entered the wallet address for the names you wish to transfer to navigate to the click the Transfer button to begin the transfer if all the details are correct.
5. If this is your first time transferring ENS names on ENS Vision, your wallet may prompt you to approve the Seaport contract before the transfer signature.
6. Your wallet should prompt to ask you to confirm the signature for the transfer of the ENS names after clicking the Transfer button. After you sign the signature the pop-up window should close and your bulk transfer will have been succeeded once processed on the Ethereum Blockchain!