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Bulk Premium ENS Registration

You can register multiple names in the premium period and non-premium period at the same time using the bulk registration tool. The bulk register tool saves large amounts of gas fees, time, and hassle.

Premium Period

After the 90 day grace period ends, the name becomes available for registration by anyone with a temporary premium that decreases over the course of 21 days. The released name will continue to resolve your ETH address until it is overwritten by the new owner.
The premium beyond the normal registration price for any name starts at $100,000,000 USD the moment the name exits the grace period and decreases exponentially to $0 over a period of 21 days. So after 21 days the cost to register is the normal price of registration (e.g. $5/year for 5+ character names).

Premium Registration

1. After adding the names to the bulk registration cart by clicking the bag icon you are ready to bulk register multiple names (up to 50) in two simple steps.
2. If not done so already, you will be prompted to connect your wallet before adding names to your bulk registration bag. Supported wallets currently include MetaMask, Rainbow, Coinbase Wallet, and WalletConnect.
3. Once names have been added to the bulk registration bag you are ready to enter the desired registration period. The registrar uses two transactions (commit and reveal) to register a name. It takes less than 5 minutes to register a name, including a 1-minute delay between the first and second transactions to prevent frontrunning.
4. Clicking request to register will prompt a wallet interaction. The first transaction is a commitment transaction set by ENS to prevent front running and costs a small gas fee to complete. After completing the commitment transaction a 60 second waiting period is required to ensure another person hasn’t tried to register the same name.
5. After the 60 second waiting period from the commitment transaction has finished click register to complete the registration transaction. This second transaction involves the cost of premium purchase + registration from the ENS registrar + the cost of gas depending on the length and duration of the ENS names registered.
6. Once the second transaction has completed you will be greeted by a success message to let you know if the names were successfully registered. Congratulations on your new mint!
Gas Savings
Bulk Registration currently saves around 51% gas usage over the ENS dApp. Our bulk register contract is using the ENS contract function register and not registerWithConfig() that the ENS dApp uses by default to mint names. registerWithConfig() sets the default resolver for a name in the same transaction. register() does not set the default resolver for a name in the same transaction.
(GAS usage with ENS dApp for one name: 325,285 // GAS usage with ENS Vision dApp for one name: 166,736).

What are the fees for registering a premium name through bulk registration?

ENS Vision bulk premium registration Fees: 3L - 1% 4L - 1% 5L - 1% Bulk Registration currently saves around 51% gas usage over the ENS dApp.
These fees are charged to continue to provide support and new features at
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