Bulk Search ENS

A video tutorial on how to use the bulk search tool can be found here.
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    To bulk search ENS names, open the bulk search page and enter the desired names to search. The bulk search tool treats new lines, commas, and spaces as separators. Once the bulk search box is populated with the request press the search button to continue.
2. After clicking search the next page will display your search results. Here you can quickly add ENS names to your bulk register checkout, add to watchlist, or navigate to the respective Etherscan page. If desired, the bulk search results can be exported to a CSV file by clicking the CSV icon.

Advanced Features

A bulk search of names by txt file upload can be performed by navigating to the Load From File tab of the bulk search tool. Up to 500k entries and a 10mb file size limit is permitted for the Load From File feature.
An additional advanced feature is the ability to append a prefix and/or suffix to each search entry using the bulk search tool.
You may also utilize the Skip Normalization toggle to input characters that may or may not be allowed by the official ENS domain manager. You agree that anything you mint using the "Skip Normalization" toggle is not liable to ENS Vision and any characters input may or may not be resolvable. Please use due diligence while minting. 3L minimum and lower case still required.