Accepting Offers/Bids

Accepting Offers

Offers are sent from buyers who are willing to buy an ENS with a specified price. As the seller, you can either accept the offer it or just ignore it. You are responsible for paying the Ethereum network gas fees when accepting offers.
A video tutorial on how to accepts offers can be found here.
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    To accept an offer on your item, navigate to the specific ENS page for that name. You can view your offers received by clicking the Offers received tab on your profile page.
2. Once you have navigated to the specific ENS page of the offer you would like to accept click the Accept Offer button after confirming the offer amount is desired. You will see a request pop up with two steps, Step 1: Approval and Step 2: accept offer. The approval step is a one-time only action for each collection, unless you revoke the approval later on.
3. Once you've approved the collection, the request will automatically jump to Step 2 requesting a transaction. The seller of the ENS is responsible for paying the Ethereum Network gas fee when accepting an offer.
4. After the transaction is processed the ENS will be transferred to the buyer and the ETH will be deposited into your wallet. WETH is automatically converted to ETH during the accept offer transaction. Congratulations on the sale!