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Bulk List ENS

Bulk List

A video tutorial on how to use the bulk list tool can be found here.
  • ENS names listed for a fixed price can be cancelled anytime before they are purchased.
  • The listing will be cancelled once it's expired.
  • If the ENS listed is transferred to another address, the listing will be cancelled.
  1. 1.
    Navigate to your Profile and click the Collection tab. Here you will find the Bulk Listing button. Click the bulk listing button to bring open the bulk listing drawer.
2. With the bulk list tool open select the desired ENS names you wish to list. There is no maximum limit to the amount of names you may list with the bulk list tool. Once you are ready, click Bulk List to continue.
3. The Bulk List drawer will open; here you are able to use the set price for all field and/or individually set each price for the ENS names desired.
4. After you filled the price for the names you wish to list on navigate to the Listing Duration field. Here enter the desired expiration date for your listings and then click the List button.
5. If this is your first time listing ENS names on ENS Vision, your wallet may prompt you to approve the ENS NFT listing contract before the listing signature(s). Once you've approved the collection, the request will automatically jump to Step 2 requesting for a signature.
6. Your wallet should prompt to ask you to confirm the signature for the listing on each individual ENS after clicking the List button. After you sign the listing the pop-up window should close and your bulk listings will have been placed!
Marketplace Fees:
ENS Vision collects a basic sales fee of 1.5% on all ENS Vision sales. No additional fee will be added on sales that were executed on a 3rd party marketplace like OpenSea, Looksrare, Rarible, or X2Y2. (Marketplace-specific fees are applied only)
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