Understanding Tx Fees

Gas fees are transaction fees paid to miners on the Ethereum Network. These costs are not paid to ENS Vision and cannot be refunded. Furthermore, ENS Vision neither sets nor benefits from the transaction gas fees.
ENS Vision only collects a basic sales fee of 1.5% on all ENS Vision sales. No additional fee will be added on sales that were executed on a 3rd party marketplace like OpenSea, Looksrare, Rarible, or X2Y2. (Marketplace-specific fees are applied only)

Actions that Cost Gas

The transactions below consume a gas fee on the Ethereum network:
  • Bulk Purchasing ENS domains
  • Accepting an offer on your ENS
  • Canceling an ENS listing
  • Approving WETH (One-Time only)
  • Approving ENS listings (One-Time only)

Gas-Free Actions

The actions below do not require paying an Ethereum Network gas fee:
  • Bulk listing ENS domains
  • Lowering Price of an ENS listing
  • Making an offer on an ENS domain